Better Sleep Begins with Split Bedding!

Transform your nights with bedding that lets you sleep together, separately. Discover the joy of undisturbed slumber with our split sheets, blankets, and comforters.

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Why it works?

Meet the Scandinavian sleep method reimagined.

Sleep Quality

Minimize disruptions from partner movements, blanket hogging, or differing sleep schedules.

Whether you’re a hot sleeper or a cold cuddler, your half of the bedding caters just to you.

in Use

Works well for couples, guest rooms, or any scenario where people share a sleeping space but have different sleep needs. 


Our split doesn’t mean split style. Enjoy chic designs that blend perfectly with your bedroom aesthetics.

6 Colors to Choose From

The Difference

Celebrate Uniqueness Together
Split the Bedding, Double the Comfort for Customized Slumber

Innovative Bottom
Seam Design

Our unique bottom seam ensures that sheets and blankets stay securely in place throughout the night. 

Hypoallergenic Soft
Weave Fabrics

Rest easy with our hypoallergenic materials, ensuring your sleep is not only comfortable but also kind to your skin.  

Easy Care
Designed for convenience, our luxurious bedding is easy to care for, ensuring lasting comfort in your sleep routine. 


Bundle up in solo bliss, where sharing is optional, but comfort isn’t.

4 Colors to Choose From


Sneak into your slice of heaven, where each side is the right side.

6 Colors to Choose From


Wrap yourself in your own cozy cocoon, no sharesies required.

2 Colors to Choose From