What is the Scandinavian sleep method?

Unveiling the Secret to Cozier Nights

At the heart of the Scandinavian sleep method lies a simple yet revolutionary idea: sharing a bed without sharing bedding. Originating from the cool climate regions of Northern Europe, this approach involves using individual sets of blankets and sheets for each person. The result? A personalized sleep environment that caters to individual comfort preferences, temperature needs, and movement habits—ensuring both partners enjoy a more restful, undisturbed night’s sleep.

This method aligns with the Scandinavian priority of health and happiness, often cited in discussions about why these countries rank high in global happiness indexes. Good sleep is seen as essential to well-being, and by facilitating a better night’s sleep, the Scandinavian sleep method contributes to this overall happiness. It acknowledges the importance of sleep in maintaining a healthy relationship, reducing nighttime disturbances, and ensuring both partners wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

How Splitz® Elevates the Experience

Beyond Tradition: The Splitz® Innovation

While the traditional Scandinavian sleep method offers a leap towards better rest, Splitz® takes it a step further. We’ve seen the occasional pitfall of individual bedding—the dreaded midnight slide, where separate covers can slip away, leaving someone out in the cold. That’s why we introduced our game-changing innovation: the connected split sheet. 

The Perfect Blend of Independence and Unity

Our patent pending design seamlessly joins the split bedding at the bottom, ensuring your comfort stays put all through the night. This means you get the best of both worlds: the independence of personalized bedding with the added assurance that your sleep sanctuary remains undisturbed, no matter how much you or your partner move. With Splitz®, we’ve not only embraced the Scandinavian sleep method but have also enhanced it—ensuring your bedding doesn’t fall off, keeping you snug and secure until morning.

Why choose Splitz®?

Embrace the Future of Sleeping Together, Apart

Splitz® isn’t just about innovative bedding; it’s about transforming how we think about shared sleep. Our approach respects individual needs while fostering closeness—providing a solution that acknowledges the importance of personal comfort in achieving collective happiness. With our connected split sheets, split blankets, and split comforter we’ve turned a good idea into a great night’s sleep for everyone. Join us in redefining rest with the refined Scandinavian sleep method. Because at Splitz®, we believe that when everyone sleeps better, everyone lives better.


Bundle up in solo bliss, where sharing is optional, but comfort isn’t.

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Sneak into your slice of heaven, where each side is the right side.

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Wrap yourself in your own cozy cocoon, no sharesies required.

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